What Are Some Common Anderson Storm Door Parts?


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Andersen storm door parts include closer kits, handle kits, touch-up paint and weather stripping. Slide bolts and key cylinders can be replaced to increase safety and security.

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The serial number must be known to order the correct parts. The serial number is located on the hinge rail. The serial number is visible by opening the storm door and looking for a factory-applied label. If the label cannot be located, an Andersen customer representative can help identify the style of the storm door. Additionally, Andersen offers universal replacement parts that can be used on most Andersen storm doors.

One of the most common issues with a storm door is a change in the closing speed of the door. The speed on the closer can be adjusted using a Phillips-head screwdriver. A homeowner can make the storm door close faster by locating the adjustment screw and making a quarter turn counterclockwise. If the door is closing too quickly, turning the adjustment screw a quarter turn clockwise may solve the problem. The door can be tested after the initial adjustment by opening it and allowing it to close. If it needs further adjustment, further quarter turns should help it close at the proper speed.

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