What Are Common Amana Dishwasher Problems?

Common Amana dishwasher problems include failure to start, noise during operation, failure to dry dishes and leakages from the motor area. Other problems include failure of touch buttons, defects in the dispenser and inability to fill with water.

The Amana dishwasher fails to start when the thermal fuse is blown. The fuse turns off power to prevent over heating. When the fuse is blown, the dishwasher cannot be turned on and off. The problem is also caused by a defective door latch and control board. Noise during operation is caused by a defective drain pump. The noise is produced by clogged debris inside the pump and failure of the pump motor bearings.

Failure to dry dishes is caused by a defective vent. This prevents the emission of hot steamy air used in drying. Leakages from the motor area in Amana dishwashers are caused by a faulty shaft seal. This creates gaps in the water-tight connection between the wash impeller and the pump housing. The dishwasher's buttons fail when the entire control panel and touch pad is faulty.

Problems in the dispenser result from a broken dispenser cover or a faulty lever. The Amana dishwasher fails to fill water when the water inlet valve is spoilt. When the water supply problem is low or when there are deposits on the water inlet valve, the water filling problem can arise.