What Some Are Common Allure Flooring Complaints?


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Bad odour, difficult installation and environmental concerns are some of the common complaints of Allure flooring. Other complaints include seam separation and widening and susceptibility to scratches.

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Allure flooring sometimes produces a bad smell. Since sensitivity to certain smells is specific to an individual, it is essential to visit the depot and smell the floorboards for any odors before the purchase. Some consumers state that the installation is not as easy as shown in the installation videos. It takes longer due to the poor quality of the adhesive strips. Also, the flooring requires a minimum of three days to set properly and adjust to the local environment and climate.

Allure flooring cannot be used in all weather conditions and especially not in moisture-prone areas. The floors are good only for indoor use and in specific temperature-controlled areas. It is not recommended for use on porches, patios, boats, trailers, stairs and cottages and cabins that are not climate controlled. In addition, Allure flooring cannot be laid over any laminated surface.

Some consumers have reported that the seams and corners parted from the floor within a few months of installation, due to poor adhesive quality. There are also others complaints about the seams widening and the flooring being very prone to surface scratches despite having a scratch-resistant label.

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