What Are Some Common Alarm System Repairs?


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Fallen or dislodged sensors, false alarms and failure to communicate with the central station are common reasons for alarm system repairs. Other reasons for repair include low battery alerts, red or green flashing lights on the alarm panel and the inability to arm or disarm the system.

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A phone outage can cause alarm systems to fail to communicate with the central station, and the problem is remedied when the phone service is restored. A power outage also affects the function of the alarm system, and repairs are needed if the alarm system displays flashing lights or other issues after an outage.

Dead batteries in the sensors or in the control unit are a common cause of repairs, as low batteries can prevent the sensors from working properly. The alarm system installation company can replace batteries in the sensor or main control unit as needed. Buzzing sounds, or other unfamiliar sounds, emitted by the unit are also common. Dead batteries must be replaced by the alarm company.

Zone faults occur for a variety of reasons, including a loose sensor or improperly working sensor in the displayed area of the home. If the sensors are in the correct position, repairs are needed to remedy the problem.

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