What Are Some Common Air Conditioning Problems?


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Some common air conditioning problems include refrigerant leaks and drainage issues. Electrical control failures and sensor problems may also plague some air conditioning units. Inadequate maintenance that leads to dirty filters or condenser coils can also cause problems for owners.

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What Are Some Common Air Conditioning Problems?
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Refrigerant leaking from an air conditioner can dramatically affect the performance of the unit. Trained professionals should ensure that the refrigerant in the air conditioner is at the exact level required for peak operation, and skilled experts can identify and stop leaks to prevent future issues from arising. Drainage issues in air conditioners may arise due to clogged drainage tubes, which require cleaning along with filters and condenser coils to prevent improper operation.

Electrical control failures in air conditioning systems can appear as the fans and other electrically powered components begin to wear out over time. Professionals should check electrical components and wires for signs of corrosion and wear during regular system checkups to help prevent this issue. Sensors may become inoperable or erratic due to adjustments to their placement in the unit. Users can often repair temperature sensors in an air conditioner by bending the wire holding the sensor back so that it is near the coil of the unit, but not touching it.

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