What Are Some Common Air Conditioner Problems?


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Uneven and inadequate cooling are some common problems of an air conditioner. Other problems of air conditioners are failure to run, turning on and off repeatedly, and producing weird noises during start up or operation.

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What Are Some Common Air Conditioner Problems?
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An air conditioner fails to run because of no power or a faulty motor. Other causes of this problem are setting the thermostat too high or a defective compressor. To solve this problem, lower the thermostat setting 5 degrees Fahrenheit, check and repair tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses, and restore the circuit.

Setting the thermostat too high will result in inadequate cooling. A dirty evaporator and small unit are the other causes of insufficient cooling. To address the issue of inadequate cooling, clean the evaporator, lower the thermostat setting by 5 degrees or replace the small unit with a larger unit.

A dirty condenser or evaporator causes an air conditioner to turn on and off repeatedly. A blocked condenser unit can also cause this problem. To solve this, clean the condenser fins and coil. Remove all the blockage-causing debris. Cut down all vines, grass and weeds that might be obstructing the air conditioning system.

A bent fan blade, bumt blower motor or loose screws may cause an air conditioner to produce weird noises. By tightening the loose screws, a user can effectively solve a ticking, buzzing or rattling issue.

An out-of-balance distribution system results in uneven cooling. Have an expert balance the distribution system to solve the problem.

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