What Are Common Air Conditioner Problems?


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Common air conditioner problems include limited airflow, leaking refrigerant, excessive noise, thermostat issues and frequent on/off cycles. The problems are the result of poor maintenance, faulty installation and electronic control failure.

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What Are Common Air Conditioner Problems?
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Problems with the thermostat, refrigerant and sensors cause an air conditioner unit to not produce cool air properly. Low levels of refrigerant or leaking refrigerant reduce the air conditioner's ability to produce cool air. This problem requires the assistance of a professional to repair the leak and refill the system.

Limited airflow is a common problem caused by dirty filters and ductwork problems. Dirty filters restrict airflow, which reduces efficiency and the unit's ability to generate cool air. Ductwork problems are the result of leaking or clogged ducts, and they may require a technician to unclog or seal the ducts.

Electric control failure means an air conditioner refuses to power on. When this problem occurs, the fan controls or compressor may be worn out from the unit turning on and off frequently. A unit that is too large or too small for the area is one cause of on-and-off cycling.

Another cause of power-related problems is the thermostat. In some cases, the thermostat may need replacing entirely, or its batteries are out of power.

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