What Are Some Common Air Conditioner Blower Problems?

Common air conditioner blower problems include failure to start despite the presence of electric power and accumulation of ice in the air conditioner. Failure to fix these problems results in an abnormal functioning of the air conditioner.

Air conditioner blowers may fail to start due to a faulty fan belt or overheating. The fan belt may become faulty due to dislocation, damage or wearing out. Although the faulty fan belt may not prevent the fan motor from running, it hinders the release of air from the air conditioner. To fix this problem, remove the faulty fan belt from the air conditioner and fit in a new belt. Overheating, on the other hand, hinders the running of the motor and can be fixed by resetting the overload switch.

Buildup of ice in the air conditioning unit hinders air outflow and occurs when the air conditioner blower becomes dirty. Typically, the dust and dirt accumulation results from poor maintenance of the conditioner, which eventually leads to clogging of the blower. To fix this problem, detach the fan unit from the conditioner, and clean the unit according to the instructions in the air conditioner's manual. Replace the unit after cleaning it to complete the process. To avoid possible mistakes, be sure to hire a cleaning expert in case you are unable to complete the task yourself.