How Does a Comfort Zone Infrared Space Heater Work?


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Comfort Zone infrared space heaters work by emitting infrared radiation that heats up persons and objects directly in the path of the infrared beam. Some Comfort Zone infrared heaters also warm up air with infrared emitters and force the warmed air around an area with fans.

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Comfort Zone infrared heaters typically use either quartz or halogen heating elements to produce infrared radiation. This radiation is absorbed more efficiently by people and objects than surrounding air, making these types of heaters most suitable for heating a person or specific area. Infrared heaters of this type are less efficient for heating multiple people or large spaces.

Comfort Zone also produces infrared heaters that produce warm air and circulate it about the room with a fan. In these models, quartz heating elements are used to heat air as it circulates through a copper heat exchange system before it is circulated by the unit's fan. While these heaters produce some direct infrared radiation, they are more efficient for heating large rooms or multiple people than Comfort Zone heaters that rely on infrared radiation alone. This is because the warmed air is capable of circulating around a large space to reach areas not directly in the path of the infrared beam.

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