How Does a Comfort Glow Heater Work?


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Comfort Glow heaters use either direct heat from gas combustion or radiant infrared heating systems, depending on the model in question. Natural gas or propane are the fuels of choice for Comfort Glow heaters.

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Comfort Glow direct vent and vented gas heaters use direct heating of air through natural gas or propane combustion to provide warmth to a room. Direct vent models are designed to vent exhaust gases to the exterior of a structure with an integrated vent, while vented models are intended to be used with an existing vent or chimney system. Examples of the latter type of Comfort Glow heater include Comfort Glow replacement fireplace inserts. Optional blower fans are available to increase the circulation of heated air from a Comfort Glow direct vent or vented heater to improve the warming of the entire room where the heater is installed.

Radiant infrared Comfort Glow heaters use infrared radiation emitted from a plaque installed in the heater. While these heaters still use natural gas or propane, the heat from combustion is absorbed by the plaque, which then emits the heat as infrared radiation. The advantage of this mechanism is that it heats people or objects in front of the heater directly, resulting in quick warming and more efficient fuel use in small areas. However, infrared heaters are less suited to warming large areas as compared to heaters that circulate the air around a room because they do not warm the objects outside the direct path of the heating beam.

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