What Colors Go Well With Espresso-Colored Paint?

Espresso-colored paint, a dark brown paint shade inspired by the richly flavored drink, goes with almost everything. As a neutral color, it blends well with both warm and cool colors.

In the past, shades of brown and beige were referred to as earth tones, but as of 2014, they tend to be included with other neutral colors, such as white, black, gray and even navy blue. Espresso-colored paint is a dark brown shade that is popular in kitchen cabinetry and wood floors.

Greens pair well with dark brown, especially lime green. Espresso-colored walls allow bright green accents to enjoy the limelight.

When espresso paint is paired with a cream-colored white, it gives the impression of a cup of coffee, which is perfect for a breakfast area or kitchen.

For a playful combination, espresso paint can be paired with a pale pink or lavender. The juxtaposition of the dark, masculine brown with the delicate, feminine shades of pink or lavender is interesting and lends itself to several styles and settings. Another great color to pair with a rich brown is a luscious red. Rather than using a vibrant cherry-red sports car shade, a deeper red, like a bowl of dark cherries, adds depth and warmth.