What Colors Go Well With Brown?


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As brown is a neutral color created by mixing red, yellow and blue, it goes well with practically any other color of the rainbow. Creating a monochromatic room using complementary browns is one option. Brown also works well with palettes of black and white, warm tones or cool colors.

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Choosing matching brown walls and curtains creates a clean, relaxing look that makes rooms feel larger. Contrasting brown walls with lighter or darker browns creates a calm and sophisticated look. White with brown creates a conservative look, while black with light brown provides a dramatic appearance.

Mixing brown with warm colors, such as yellow or red, creates an emotionally stimulating room that is energizing to those who spend time there. Reds stand out well against brown, while yellows and oranges create an earthy feel in the room. However, brown walls with cool color accents, such as blue or green, help to temper the warmth of the brown. When decorating with dark browns, avoid using dark, cool colors, such as navy blue, which give the brown a muddy appearance.

Options other than chocolate brown exist for walls. Lighter browns are effective at creating sand-colored walls that mix with pastel blues and greens to create the light and airy feel of a beach. In the bathroom, choose a medium brown that is not so light as to make the room appear washed out, but not so dark as to make applying makeup difficult.

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