What Colors of Venetian Plaster Does Behr Offer?

Venetian Plaster by Behr can be bought in all paint colors offered by Behr. If homeowners are planning to use the Venetian Plaster, it is recommended that they obtain the top coat as well to help seal the plaster and give the finish a nice satin sheen. There is also a translucent glaze that can be bought to add another layer of color to the wall.

The tinted plaster can work almost like a primer on its own, but works best on previously painted or primed surfaces, notes Behr.com. The paint can be premixed for customers at the store. Once customers have prepped their surfaces and had the paint mixed, they can begin applying the finish to the wall. Some colors that customers can chose from include various shades of red, purple, yellow, green, orange, blue, brown, white, black and most colors in between. Behr offers a full chart of colors at Behr.com.

This paint needs to be applied with a straightedge and flexible steel trowel, but a wall scraper can also work. The trowel needs to be held at an angle to the wall; it is recommended to use an angle between 15 and 30 degrees. The second coat requires a 60- to 90-degree angle to fill in any holes left from the first coat. After this dries, the top coat and glaze can be added. An additional color can be added to the glaze for a coordinating color effect.