What Colors Do Roses Come in Naturally?


Roses come in various colors including light pink, dark pink, white, yellow and orange, among others. Every type of rose is aesthetically pleasing in a large flower bouquet, but some colors may be more useful than others in certain types of bouquets.

Floral designers take great care in choosing the best colors for certain arrangements. The wide variety of colors that roses come in make them a very popular choice for bouquets.

Bridal bouquets often feature white or ivory roses, as they symbolize purity in Western cultures. Light pink and apricot roses are also commonly used for weddings.

As roses are a symbol of innocence, they are also a popular choice for baby showers. Showers are often pastel-themed, especially if the sex of the baby is known; a light blue or baby pink rose arrangement is often used for such an occasion.

Funeral flower arrangements also use a lot of roses, due to their classic and elegant appearance. Funeral bouquets often use colors such as deep red and pink.

Roses are a very well-known flower with a lot of symbolism attached to them, but their familiarity has not caused florists to grow tired of them, including them in many custom and pre-made bouquets.