What Colors of Roses Are Available to Buy?


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Single-stemmed roses, rose bouquets and live roses for planting are all available for purchase in a wide range of colors, including multiple shades of red, pink, yellow, purple and orange. Two-toned roses are also available, and some florists dye long-stemmed roses in unusual shades, such as blue or green.

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What Colors of Roses Are Available to Buy?
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Classic rose colors are associated with specific meanings. Red roses symbolize love and passion, and they are commonly given as Valentine's day gifts or on special romantic occasions. White roses are used to indicate innocence and purity, and they are frequently used in wedding ceremonies. Pink roses symbolize elegance and femininity, and deep pink roses are often present in thank-you bouquets. Purple roses denote the presence of mystical forces and can be used to symbolize love at first sight. Yellow roses convey thoughts of friendship and joy, making them ideal for celebratory events, while orange roses signify enthusiasm.

In addition to coming in a wide variety of colors, roses also come in a range of different types. Some roses grow on bushes, while others grow on climbing vines. Fragrant roses are specifically selected for their intense scent. Miniature roses create tiny flowers, while hybrid tea roses produce the long-stemmed flowers sold in florist shops.

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