What Colors of Laminate Does Wilsonart Offer?


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Wilsonart offers a large range of laminate colors in neutral solids, textured natural stone and colorful whimsical patterns, as of 2015. Light neutral colors include white, cream and beige tones, and darker colors include black and gray. One example of laminate has a vibrant red color in a matte finish.

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Wilsonart provides numerous color choices in marble laminate that spans the color spectrum from light to dark. Light textured laminates such as amber fusion and aged piazza display a mixture of beige, cream, tan and light brown colors. Antique roca blends tan and cream with a slight hint of pink, and African slate features swirls of dark gray mixed with light and dark browns. An antique wood textured laminate depicts the image of gray tree bark with weathered brown spots. Other texture choices include tumbled roca, which resembles the color of oatmeal, and Calcutta, a marbled laminate that resembles white paint with swirls of black.

Wilsonart whimsical laminate patterns have themes such as fall leaves, flowers, sports or urban landscapes, and typically feature two or more colors. In one pattern, hand drawn leaves are colored in red, yellow, orange and brown. Another whimsical pattern depicts a grove of blue flower buds, and three yellow blooms. In one city landscape pattern, colors include orange, yellow, gray and white.

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