Which Colors of Grout Does Lowe's Carry?

As of 2015, Lowe's sells grout in a wide variety of different colors, such as harvest, warm gray, bone, mocha, pearl gray and biscuit, all of which are produced by MAPEI. Other colors of MAPEI grout sold by Lowe's include pewter, chamois, terra cotta, ivory and silver.

Lowe's carries both powdered and premixed grout. The premixed grout is available in both sanded and urethane versions, while the powdered type is available in sanded, unsanded or epoxy grout.

The Lowe's website lists more than 400 different grout products, from national brands such as QUIKCRETE, STAINMASTER, Laticrete, TEC and SnapStone. STAINMASTER also produces a wide range of colored grout, including turquoise, anthracite, ice white, orange and red. Other STAINMASTER colors include gray, silver, titanium, arctic blue and mocha. The majority of STAINMASTER grout is powdered epoxy grout, but the company also produces a smaller selection of liquid grout.

Most of the MAPEI grout sold by Lowe's comes as either sanded or unsanded powder, although the store also carries several colors of kerapoxy epoxy grout and an A-B liquid epoxy grout. The various types of powder grout can be used for a number of purposes, including interior and exterior residential and commercial buildings.