What Colors Does Cambria Quartz Come In?


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Cambria Quartz comes in 124 mixed quartz colors, such as Sharpham, Manchester and Cardigan Red. Most of the colors available are multi-colors of quartz mixed together to make one design. Cambria products are 93 percent quartz, compared to Granite, which is only made up of 40 to 60 percent quartz.

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Sharpham quartz is a traditional black and white quartz that will go with many different interiors. The pattern is random and very vibrate. The overall pattern gives the quartz a gray appearance when there is some space between the viewer and the material. The company gives complementary quartz patterns and colors on its website. For the Sharpham quartz, Cambria recommends a White Cliff or Cambria Black as complementary colors.

Manchester is more of what would be considered a solid color. It is a dark sand color with faint specks of black sprinkled throughout. It is a dark but neutral color that could go with a number of different color schemes. The recommended complementary colors and materials include the Galloway and Bradshaw color patterns.

Cardigan Red is one of the most vibrant of the 124 colors the company provides. It is a blood red with purple and blue chips mixed into the brilliant red. It would go well in a dark kitchen or in a kitchen where the wood has a red tint to it. The complementary colors are Whitehall and Cambria Black.

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