What Colors Are Available for New AGA Stoves?


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As of 2015, AGA cast iron stoves are available in 13 colors, including claret, aubergine and duck egg blue. The new City 24 model also comes in lemon and rose. Colors are viewable on the AGA-Marvel website by selecting particular models under the AGA Ranges heading above the footer.

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AGA ranges provide style that works in contemporary or traditional kitchens, and the colors they offer provide a lively alternative to the prevalent use of stainless steel among other brands. Enamel-coated for durability, AGA ranges retain their color over time.

AGA-Marvel partners with designers and dealers to assist buyers with purchasing and integrating AGA ranges into their kitchens. A listing is available on the AGA-Marvel website under Buy an AGA in the AGA Ranges section above the footer.

Developed in Sweden and forged in Great Britain, traditional AGA technology focuses on even heating with limited intervention. Ranges are meant to be on constantly, which was common before energy efficiency concerns became common. In response to clients from warmer temperatures and to green design philosophy, AGA produces the Total-Control and Dual-Control lines. These stoves retain the benefits of traditional models, yet their speed and ease of programming provide flexibility, enabling them to power up or down as needed and limiting heating to elements in use.

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