What Colors Are Available in Metallic Paints?


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The most common types of metallic paint colors mimic metals such as bronze, pewter, gold, silver and brass, or shades of these colors including antique copper, Olympic gold, blackened bronze and copper penny. Spray cans typically have a wider variety of colors and can produce a comparable finish.

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Modern metallic paints are available in both spray can and liquid form for rollers, brushes or paint sprayers, and they come in a wide variety of colors and shades. Metallic paints can be used for accent pieces, window and door trim, baseboards, crafts and fine art.

Metallic paints are also designed for a number of different application surfaces with a different mixture often being necessary depending on whether the painter is applying the coat to wood, metal, plastic or a fabric surface.

Two-part metallic paints differ from typical metallic paint mixtures by having a matte color paint that is then glazed with a substance that gives the surface a metallic effect. High quality two-part metallic paints can be indistinguishable from real metal when applied to a surface properly by a skilled painter. Texture effects can also be achieved using metallic paints by combining them with specialized latex texture paints. This combination holds deformations and textures imprinted by the painter, and it dries with a textured finish without any extra work from the painter.

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