What Are Some Colors Available in the Dryvit StucCoat Finishes?


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DryVit offers StucCoat acrylic finish in a range of four different textures plus a wide range of custom and standard colors, including aspen green, coffee bean and baked meringue. Dryvit finishes come in a wide range of hues from reddish-brown earth tones to dusty blues and greens.

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Dryvit offers an online color chart, but since colors vary by monitor, lighting and stucco finish, a review of the actual color samples on location is necessary before making any selections. The standard colors have a muted or dusty tone common to stuccoed homes. If a vibrant color is desired, Dryvit offers custom color finishes that can be created in any color imaginable.

Dryvit StucCoat is available in four textures: standard, fine, bold and lace. The product can be applied directly to cured brown stucco. If the stucco contains any additives, a primer must be used to reduce wall suction. StucCoat used on concrete must cure 28 days before the finish is applied. Masonry items require a special primer, such as Primus or Genesis.

In addition to StucCoat, Dryvit also offers several other texture finishes that have coloring, including Freestyle, Quarzputz and Sandpebble. These products provide texture to brown stucco while offering the ease of having the color already mixed in. Dryvit also produces Demandit color finish, which is applied on top of the texture or an old finish.

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