What Are Some Colorful Vinyl Flooring Patterns?


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Some colorful vinyl patterns include Natchez's Fall and Hillsdale Heights's Cho Cho, both available at Armstrong.com. Other varieties of colorful patterns are Spanish Saltillo's Redware, Pleasantry and Multicolor Slate's Sunset Blue. Vinyl is available in numerous vibrant tones and patterns, and in addition to original designs, customers may purchase vinyl tiles that emulate other materials, such as wood or stone.

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Some common types of vinyl include sheet vinyl, which come in 6-inch rolls. When they are installed, they are rolled flat onto the surface of the floor and cut around corners and vital sections. Sometimes, in larger rooms, additional sheets are laid across and cut as necessary, and these typically feature a single design printed throughout the entire surface.

Solid vinyl is another type of vinyl tile flooring, and it is abbreviated as SVT. It is pliable and available in single 12-inch-by-12 inch squares. These feature a photographic print coating, which allows users to customize their selection according to their home's design needs. These tiles are frequently installed over existing configurations, and users can mix and match according to personal style choices, such as to create large mosaic effects. Customers can also purchase these in visual textures, such as marble or wood.

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