What Color Should You Paint Your Room?


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Paint a bedroom according to the desired mood for the room. If a tranquil setting is desired, choose gray, lighter blues, light greens or charcoal. If a serene and happy setting is called for, choose a light pink, champagne or even white. For a simple look, choose a neutral color such as beige or cream.

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Since people spend most of their time in the bedroom sleeping or relaxing, it is best to paint the room a color that provides a relaxing feel. In general, colors on the cool side of the color spectrum work better in a bedroom because they tend to be relaxing. Designers suggest staying away from bright colors such as greens, reds or tropical colors. These colors are high energy and can prevent the relaxation needed for a good night’s sleep. Darker colors, such as charcoal, olive, navy and violet, can create a romantic vibe.

Some designers recommend combinations such as a soft blue combined with white. Other designers suggest simple neutral paint colors. When choosing neutral colors, add colorful throw pillows and bedding for a splash of color. Using neutral colors also allows for a greater range of choice of furniture and accessories to complete the room's look.

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