How Do I Get Color Run Out of Clothes?

It is relatively easy to remove color run from clothing after it has been ruined, as long as it is discovered while the garment is still wet and has not been through the clothes dryer. The first step is to remove the piece of clothing that is causing the color run.

After the cause of the color run has been removed, the next step is to rewash all of the clothes that have color run with an oxygen-based bleach. An alternative to this type of bleach is to use a cup of distilled vinegar along with regular laundry detergent. Do this before the clothes are placed in the dryer.

If the clothes have already been dried or the run in the color is heavy, then the clothing needs to be soaked before it is rewashed. The clothing should be soaked in a mix of the oxygen-based bleach solution and cool water.

To avoid this situation in subsequent cases, sort clothing before washing. There are times when clothing does not fade or run the first time it is washed. Many pieces can take several washes before the color starts to run and the dye begins to stain other pieces of clothing.