What Color Is Good to Paint the Exterior of a House?

What Color Is Good to Paint the Exterior of a House?

Warm beige and white are classic colors for painting the exterior of a home, according to Better Homes and Gardens. However, any color combination using colors in the same color palette can look good.

Often, the most complementary paint colors depend on the style of home, according to Southern Living. For instance, off-white walls paired with clear turquoise for the accenting works well for coastal-style homes.

For older homes, such as Victorian style, rich colors, such as gold and russet, are traditional, according to This Old House. For example, siding can range from brick red to deep mustard or sage. Such paint jobs generally pair two more colors; one is a neutral shade, while the other is a shade complementary to the siding. So a sage house might feature off-white trim and deep-red accenting.

If choosing classic white, Better Homes and Gardens suggests testing different brightness levels. For beige, one option is staining natural wood siding. Another option is selecting natural colors that are harmonious, such as two shades of khaki.

Homeowners need to pay attention to the landscape. If there are a lot of natural colors around the house, a color palette of earth tones complements the backdrop. In this case, muted shades of green, brown and gray are good for the exterior of a house.