How Do You Color Concrete?


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Color existing concrete by cleaning the surface, applying a transparent stain. After 4 hours, inspect the concrete to determine if you need a second coat and applying it. After applying the sealer, allow sufficient time for the sealer to cure before allowing traffic on the surface.

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  1. Clean the surface

    For best results, remove any decolonization, oil or sealer from the surface before applying a new stain. Since the stain is transparent, any variations in color show through the finished color.

  2. Apply the stain

    The air and surface temperature should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit when coloring concrete. Use a good-quality garden sprayer to apply the stain. Apply the product to a small area at a time, and feather the edges to obtain uniform coverage. Use a paint roller with a long handle to back-roll the stain after application.

  3. Inspect the concrete

    The stain changes color as it dries and becomes dry to the touch after an hour. Wait at least 4 hours after application to inspect the surface. If you prefer a darker color for the concrete, apply a second coat.

  4. Apply a concrete sealer

    After the last coat of stain has dried a minimum of 4 hours, protect the stain and the concrete by applying a top sealer. Keep foot traffic off the surface a minimum of 24 hours, and wait at least 30 days before cleaning the concrete.

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