What Are Some Collectible Antique Folding Pocket Knives?


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Sought-after brands for pocket knife collectors include Buck, Camillus, Case, Queen, Remington and Schrade. Case knives are popular among collectors, especially the knives that have handles made from exterior slices of stag antler. Case has also used walnut and abalone to make its handles. Along with Case knives, Schrade knives are also made in the United States. Schrade produced knives designed for a range of tasks, including pruning and rope cutting. Case was founded in 1889, and Schrade in 1904.

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Remington produced knives between World War I and World War II. Its folding knives were simple, only featuring up to three blades. However, it manufactured knives in a wide range of finishes using a proprietary plastic called Pyremite to make the handles. Remington Bullet knives, which feature antler and bone handles with bullet-shaped shields, are among the most collectible.

People who collect knives often specialize in a specific type; for example, folding pocket knives. The U.S. government has required manufacturers to label their knives with the country of origin since the 1960s, which knife collectors find useful. Early knife handles were made from bone and shaped similarly to the pistol grips of the time. Blades were often made from steel. Designs changed and began to resemble modern knives in the mid-19th century.

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