How Do You Collect an Air Sample in Your Home?


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There are two main ways to collect air samples in a home. The first method for collecting an air sample is through the use of a Tedlar bag. Tedlar bags are typically used in conjunction with lung samplers, which are also known as a vacuum box. This lung sampler creates a pressure difference between the bag and the surrounding air. Furthermore, a dish with agar in it can be left open to collect a sample of particles in the air.

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The lung sampler makes the air pressure in the Tedlar bag lower than the atmospheric air of the room where the sample is being taken. This creates a vacuum that pushes an air sample into the Tedlar bag. To preserve the air sample, make an air tight seal on the bag so the sample does not become contaminated. This method of air sample collection is best when trying to ascertain the composition of gases in the air.

The agar in the dish has an adhesive surface that catches materials when left open. After 30 minutes to four hours of being left open, the agar sample must be sealed. It can then be analyzed to see what particles and materials were trapped in the agar. This method of air sample collection lends itself to discovering mold and other physical particles in an air sample.

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