What Is the Most Cold Hardy Avocado Tree?


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Varieties of cold-hardy avocado trees include the Brazos Belle, Joey, Fantastic, Lila and Poncho. They require little watering and are highly resistant to weathering. These trees produce very cold-hardy fruit with high amounts of oil.

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The most cold-hardy types of avocado trees typically are the Mexican varieties. These varieties of avocado trees all have similar resistance to cold weather and can withstand temperatures of 15 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining significant damage to the fruit. The Brazos Belle tree produces purple-black colored medium to large fruit. The Joey tree produces a large amount of medium-sized fruit and is grown for its desirable flavor. The Lila and Poncho varieties grow medium-sized green fruit. The Fantastic variety of avocado tree is believed to be the most cold-hardy and produces creamy green fruit with a thin skin.

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