Which Coffee Maker Caddies Hold Keurig Cups?


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There are a number of different coffee caddies on the market that can store Keurig cups. Each option differs in shape, size and capacity to fit any need. Through most retailers, buyers can find the Nifty Under-the-Brewer Drawer, the Keurig Tower or Carousel or the Threshold Basket, among others.

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The Keurig Company itself makes a variation of most K-Cup storage models and sells them on its website to ship around the world. However, there are multiple companies that have joined the market, ranging from independent organizations to store brands.

Nifty is the most popular manufacturer of the drawer storage design. This option comes in a box with a drawer that is intended to sit beneath the Keurig machine and pull-out for easy access. Nifty makes its drawer in sizes of 24, 36 and 54.

Keurig made the Tower and Carousel models popular. Each of these storage options comes in different sizes, but all take a more vertical approach to organization than does the drawer option. As the name suggests, the Carousel model is a cylinder-shaped tower that spins around for variety and easy access to all K-Cups. The Tower model may also spin, depending on the brand and specific model number, but is generally taller than that Carousel, utilizing more vertical airspace.

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