What Are Some Facts About Cockroaches?


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Facts about cockroaches include that cockroaches were alive on Earth at the same time as the dinosaurs. While it is a myth that these insects could survive a nuclear blast, they can survive up to 10 times the amount of radiation to kill a human being.

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What Are Some Facts About Cockroaches?
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There are thousands of species of cockroaches in the world, but humans only consider about 30 of these to be pests. In the United States, the most common pest types of cockroaches are the American, brown-banded, German and the Oriental.

Cockroaches are a health concern. They produce proteins that increase the chances of an attack in asthma sufferers. Cockroach fecal matter and molted exoskeletons cause allergic reactions in some people. As roaches crawl across food and surfaces in the home, they leave bacteria that can cause illness.

Cockroaches enter the home through small openings around plumbing and electrical wiring, open doors and unscreened windows. Occupants also bring them in on grocery bags, purses or their clothing. Once inside, the cockroach finds a typical home to be the ideal place to live in a controlled-temperature environment with plenty of sources of food and water.

These nocturnal insects reproduce rapidly, leading to an infestation. By the time an occupant sees a cockroach during the day, the infestation is so widespread that they've come out due to overcrowding.

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