How Does a Coal Stove Work?


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Coal stoves work by using kindling and a forced air system to ignite coal within a closed chamber, controlling the rate at which it burns and funneling the heat to either a cooktop or internal heating space. While there are many different styles of stoves that burn different types of coal, most specifically work with anthracite coal.

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How Does a Coal Stove Work?
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To light a coal stove, the owner should begin by placing several sheets of dry, crumpled newspaper on the burning rack in the main heating compartment of the stove, along with several small kindling sticks. After lighting the paper and igniting the sticks, the owner needs to place several larger pieces of wood onto the fire to create a steady, strong fire base. Once the fire is sustainable, she needs to place a few small pieces of coal onto the fire and ensure that the flue or airflow system is properly feeding air into the compartment.

Many coal burning stoves features designs that work specifically with different types of coal, with anthracite stoves being among the most effective. Anthracite coal is a particular type of coal mined primarily in the Pennsylvania region of the United States and offers unique features such as even heat distribution, high energy output and a minimal waste residue. This type of coal has a minimal impact on the environment.

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