What Clothes Dryers Are the Best?


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The best clothes dryers are quiet enough to be near a bedroom or family room, can hold at least 19 pounds of laundry and turn off when clothes are dry to save energy, according to Consumer Reports. The best dryers also remove odors, have steam options and are priced fairly.

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What Clothes Dryers Are the Best?
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Dryers that cost more tend to be quieter and have more features. However, lower-priced dryers can still perform very well. For example, the Kenmore Elite 81073 electric dryer, priced at $1,450 in December 2014 according to Consumer Reports, can handle 26 pounds of laundry, dries well and allows for data transmission via smartphone for troubleshooting. By comparison, the Samsung DV45H7200EW electric dryer costs $800 and is good overall. The dryer is reasonably quiet and dries clothes effectively. Although the Kenmore does more, the Samsung may be a better choice, depending on a person's budget.

Most laundry considerations fall under the purview of a washer. In other words, if a person wants to improve laundry time and performance, such as deep removal of stains, the washer is more important than the dryer. Consumer Reports recommends that customers generally choose washers first and then dryers.

If space is a consideration, a dryer that can be stacked with a washer may be best.

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