How Do You Close Off a Toilet Drain?

Closing off a toilet drain is often a necessary part of being a homeowner, and can be completed in about 30 minutes with the appropriate tools. In order to close off your toilet drain, you will need a small knife, a screwdriver, a toilet cover, pipe dope, a tape measure, a wrench, a mallet, a threaded screw cap and two toilet plugs.

  1. Remove the toilet and its gasket

    Turn off the valve that feeds the toilet and drain out any water in the tank. This allows you to remove the toilet cleanly and easily. You must then unhook the feed lines and undo the anchoring bolts. If your toilet has a wax gasket, scrape it out with the knife. If it has a rubber gasket, you can just pull it out with your hand.

  2. Insert the toilet plugs and caps

    Using the mallet and a toilet plug, fill up the toilet drain. You may need to strike the plug with the mallet to make sure it forms an airtight seal. Insert the second toilet plug into the drain and turn it with your fingers until it is sealed as well. Finish off this process by coating your screw cap with pipe dope and turning it into the drain.

  3. Cover the drain

    Take a toilet cover and use it to cap off the drain. Clamp it with a wrench if necessary, and the drain should then be closed off completely.