Are ClimateMaster Heat Pumps Energy Efficient?


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ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps are highly energy efficient, having an efficiency of up to 600 percent. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode system is among the top Energy Star-approved products in 2014, while the Tranquility Digital Series received the Energy Star Most Efficient classification in 2012.

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ClimateMaster offers very efficient heating and cooling systems, allowing consumers to decrease heating and cooling costs by up to 80 percent. The geothermal systems work by using a piping system known as a loop where water flows to exchange heat to and from a house, the heat pump and the earth, leading to efficient generation of energy.

The water circulating in the underground loop enables the ClimateMaster heating and cooling systems to absorb heat in the ground. The ground source heat pumps produce concentrated amounts of heat and deliver the heat as warm air indoors. Less energy is consumed as the geothermal system quickly absorbs heat from the copious supply available underground. In contrast, gas furnaces are only up to 98 percent efficient as they need to burn natural gas to create heat.

ClimateMaster heat pumps take the heat inside a home during summer and send it to the loop for absorption by the cooler ground. They produce cool, dehumidified air inside the home by using the cool water from the earth.

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