What Are Some Clever Ways for Hiding an Outdoor Patio Thermometer?


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Some of the easiest ways to hide an outdoor patio thermometer is to buy decorative ones that look like they are part of the aesthetics of the garden. If this is not possible, and only straightforward thermometers are available, clever ideas include hiding thermometers behind structures or placing them in not so visible areas.

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Decorative outdoor thermometers can actually make a garden look more stylish. There are designs available in all shapes and sizes. There are also a range of materials used that ensure the thermometers are able to withstand the temperatures and conditions outdoors. Some of these materials include treated wood, copper and wrought iron.

Many of these thermometers are designed to look like clocks or sun dials, while others resemble pendants or wall art. They feature intricate carvings and other detailing that add to the beauty of the area surrounding them.

In the case of more conventional thermometers, there are a host of ways to hide their presence. Mounting them in inaccessible parts of the garden or patio is a good solution; however, this should be a sheltered spot, as conventional thermometers are usually made of glass or plastic and are therefore easily damaged. Other ideas include hiding them behind abutments, large shrubs, bird baths or bird feeders.

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