How Do You Clear Clogged Sewer Lines?


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You can clean sewer lines using chemicals without professional help. The best product to use is a root-killing foam with metam-sodium and dichlobenil in it. You need to flush the foam down the toilet. The foam is going to get caught in the pipes, and it is going to take a couple of hours to kill the roots. However, the roots might stay in the pipes for several weeks or months until they get washed out.

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Another product that people often use for clearing sewer lines is copper sulphate. However, this chemical is dangerous for septic systems, and you need to add it to the system continuously. In addition, some municipalities don't allow to use this chemical. Although chemical methods of clearing clogged sewer lines are available, they aren't as safe as chemical methods of clearing smaller pipes. It is only acceptable to use them to battle tree roots.

Another way to clean clogged sewer lines is by using an auger. This is a large power-assisted tool that professionals use. Augers are usually installed on trucks. This tool has to be inserted inside the sewer lines, similar to the sink or toilet augers.

The high-pressure water jet is another tool that can unclog lines, and it can produce a pressure of 4,000 psi. Because of such power, the device can move the tree roots and other obstructions in the sewer lines further down the lines. Both of these cleaning tools should only be used by professionals, as they can damage the pipes if they are not used correctly.

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