How Do You Clear Brush?

How Do You Clear Brush?

While it is possible to clear brush by hand, using power tools such as a trimmer mower and string trimmer equipped with a brush-cutting blade make the work much quicker. If stumps leave the area difficult to mow, use a stump grinder to lower them below ground level. Some of these tools are available at rental stores.

Prior to starting the clearing process, take a walk through the area. Identify and mark any trees and shrubs you plan to save. Remove any tree limbs, debris or trash.

A self-propelled brush mower is a walk-behind tool that cuts through weeds and brush up to 3 inches in diameter. It is a good choice for overgrown lots. For larger areas, a pull-behind brush mower that attaches to a tractor may be a better choice.

While string trimmers are a good choice for cutting weeds along fences, brush is often a challenge for the nylon string. Choose a brush-cutting blade attachment for the trimmer to make quick work of cutting saplings.

Stump grinders work quickly to eliminate stumps left by the clearing process. They are more effective than stump-removal chemicals and don't require the work of pulling stumps. They quickly transform the leftover stumps into a pile of wood shavings.