How Do You Clear Blocked Drain Pipes?

How Do You Clear Blocked Drain Pipes?

To clear blocked drain pipes for a sink, bail the water out of the sink, remove the trap and use a drain auger to clear the line. While the process is sometimes messy, it often takes just a few minutes.

  1. Empty the sink

    Use a cup and a bucket to bail out any water in the sink. Dump the water collected in a drain that is working.

  2. Remove the trap

    If the trap has a drain, place a bucket under it, and remove the plug. Most traps do not have a drain and require removal of the trap to empty it. Any water left in the sink from the previous step drains when loosening the fittings, so make sure the bucket is large enough to hold the sink's contents. Empty the trap into the bucket, and check to ensure it is clear.

  3. Clean the line with an auger

    Insert a drain auger into the pipe going into the wall. Press the auger forward into the line while turning it gently. Once you reach the clog, continue pushing and turning until you feel the auger pushing through the clog. Remove the auger from the line. Be prepared for it to pull the clog back through the pipe.

  4. Reinstall the trap

    Replace the trap, and tighten the connecting nuts. Test the sink to ensure it is draining properly.