What Are the Cleaning Uses for White Vinegar?

cleaning-uses-white-vinegar Credit: Janine Lamontagne/E+/Getty Images

White vinegar is a popular household cleaner because of its high level of acidity and multiple uses. It can kill mold, bacteria and some germs.

Just about anything can be cleaned with white vinegar. It is a safe way to clean items without using harsh chemicals and is cheap to keep on hand. Baby toys and board books can be cleaned with white vinegar and then wiped down with a clean damp cloth or sponge. Spraying a concentration of white vinegar on surfaces such as door handles, light switches, kitchen counter tops and bathroom surfaces then wiping them dry with a clean cloth gets rid of germs and bacteria. White vinegar is great for getting rid of musky odors and dust in a house by using a cloth diluted in white vinegar to wipe down walls. Setting out a bowl of white vinegar helps to clear the air of odors and deter fruit flies. Funky smells and stains in plastic food storage containers can be removed by being wiped down with white vinegar. The uses for white vinegar are limitless, however it is important that white vinegar never be used on marble or wax wood as its acidity can damage the surface.