What Are Some Cleaning Tips for Linoleum Floors?

Cleaning tips for linoleum floors include sweeping daily to remove dust and dirt that can mar the finish and mopping regularly using cold water and the cleaner the manufacturer recommends. Mopping with a damp mop prevents saturating the flooring with water, which causes problems like warping or staining.

Owners should avoid mopping or cleaning linoleum for the first four days after installation, as the water interferes with proper curing of the glue and sealing of the seams. When mopping, change the cleaning water frequently to prevent redepositing dirt onto the flooring.

Linoleum benefits from occasional polishing. Owners should polish after sweeping, mopping and allowing the area to dry. The application requires using a clean damp mop to apply the finish in 3- to 4-square foot areas, without pouring it onto the floor. Then comes a second and third coat after the previous coats dry; finally, a final hour of drying ensures the floor is ready for use. After several coats of polish over time, the floor may need stripping to restore its original finish.

Linoleum is a natural product made from linseed oil. Sometimes the floor develops a yellow color during the manufacturing process. This color disappears with exposure to light in a few hours to a few weeks. It is safe to apply finishes to the flooring before the yellow color disappears.