How Do You Find a Cleaning Service in NYC?

Websites that show nearby businesses with reviews and ratings are ideal when looking for a cleaning service in NYC. This includes sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

Angie’s List not only provides a list of the top cleaning services for each location, but it has informative article topics on the subject of cleaning as well. After entering a keyword and location for cleaning services in NYC, scroll down the page to view the top-rated businesses in the area. Each listing has a number of different reviews from customers. There is also an FAQ about cleaning services on this page.

Yelp makes it easy to search for cleaning services by entering a keyword and location. The top listings on the page are the recommended services, though they can be filtered by the most recent. There are also photos from previous customers showing the results of their cleaning services.

People getting cleaning services for the first time should try to pick up as much clutter as possible before the service arrives. Since cleaners work on a timed schedule, the less clutter and messes they have to clean, the deeper cleaning they are able to do. It is also a good idea to ask the cleaning company beforehand if tips are allowed.