What Are Some Cleaning Products by LA's Totally Awesome?

What Are Some Cleaning Products by LA's Totally Awesome?

Cleaning products from LA's Totally Awesome brand include Awesome Oxygen Cleaner, Awesome Odor Eliminator, Awesome Carpet Cleaner and Awesome Green All-Purpose Cleaner. LA's Totally Awesome offers products for the bathroom, kitchen, multi-surface and upholstery, which are available in various scents, including lavender, orange, lemon, green apple and linen.

Awesome Oxygen Cleaner is an all-purpose spot and stain remover for clothing, upholstered furniture, automobile interiors, curtains and carpeting. Spot-clean using a wet sponge or rag dipped in Awesome Oxygen Cleaner, or add 1/2 cup to a full load of laundry. Add 1/4 cup to a 5-gallon bucket of water to create a solution for wiping desks, walls, window ledges, counter tops or mopping linoleum or tile floors.

Awesome Odor Eliminator is made of penetrating cleaning enzymes that eliminate stains and break down odor-causing particles. Primarily used for pet odors, Awesome Odor Eliminator discourages cats and dogs from wanting to resoil the same spots.

Use Awesome Carpet Cleaner to safely remove pet stains, dirt, grease, food and beverages without damaging carpeting. Brush-clean spots or follow measurement instructions for creating a solution to use in a carpet cleaning machine.

Awesome Green All-Purpose Cleaner is a unique blend of non-harmful ingredients that remove hard stains from washable surfaces. Popular for use in nurseries, kitchens and veterinary clinics, undiluted Awesome Green All-Purpose Cleaner is used on sponges and cloths, or added to a spray bottle for easy distribution.