What Cleaners Can You Use on a Bamboo Floor?

Hardwood floor cleaners are generally safe for use on bamboo; however, owners should avoid abrasive or alkaline cleaners or products that contain wax. A dilute vinegar solution makes a good natural cleaner for the flooring. While it is more resistant to water damage than hardwood, soaking bamboo can cause damage.

To apply the cleaner, the owner should follow the manufacturer's directions for dilution. He then dips a sponge mop into the solution and wrings it very dry. He should apply the solution evenly, avoiding any puddles. After completing the process, he may choose to use a dry towel to remove any excess moisture from the floor and speed drying.

To remove scuffmarks, the owner should dip a rag into the cleaning solution and rub the mark away. Scuffmarks are the result of dragging a rubber heel across the floor.

Keeping bamboo flooring clean is key to the prevention of deterioration. Home occupants and visitors often track in sand and grit on their shoes. These foreign materials cause scratches in the surface. Regular vacuuming or sweeping helps to prevent dulling of the finish.

The tools for cleaning bamboo are another essential part of avoiding scratches. Cleaning with a vacuum that has a beater bar causes damage to the finish. Brooms should have soft bristles that do not scratch the finish.