What Is the Best Cleaner for Vinyl Siding?

cleaner-vinyl-siding Credit: fotog/Tetra Images/Getty Images

According to FamilyHandyman.com, the best cleaner for vinyl siding is a gentle, general purpose cleaner. The website recommends mixing the cleaner with warm water and applying this mixture to the siding with a soft-bristled brush. Harsh cleaners such as nail polish remover, straight bleach and paint thinner should never be used on vinyl siding because they damage its surface.

VinylSiding.org lists several general purpose cleaners that are well-suited for use on vinyl siding. Among these are Simple Green, Nice & Easy and Armor All. These cleaners are effective for removing general stains from bird droppings, spider webs and dirt.

Sophisticated cleaners are not usually necessary for cleaning vinyl siding. One cleaning solution suggested by VinylSiding.org is a simple mixture of 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water. Even Windex is an effective vinyl siding cleaner, and it even works to remove bubble gum.

For stubborn stains, VinylSiding.org suggests several other cleaning solutions. Fantastik cleaner is recommended for removing oil-based caulk on siding and also for removing rust stains. Fantastik is also effective for removing bubble gum, car grease and top soil from homes. To remove crayon marks, VinylSiding.org recommends using Lestoil, and for removing paint, the website suggests using Brillo Pad or Soft Scrub.