How Do You Clean a Wool Carpet?

How Do You Clean a Wool Carpet?

How Do You Clean a Wool Carpet?

To clean wool carpet, test the carpet to ensure heat or cleaners do not cause damage to the carpet, then clean the carpet with a steam cleaner if no change occurs after testing. Allow the carpet to dry completely after cleaning.

  1. Test the carpet

    When using a steam cleaner, it is necessary to test the carpet before cleaning. Mix the appropriate cleaning solution for the carpet, and steam clean a small, inconspicuous section of the carpet. Allow the carpet to dry, and check for color changes or shrinkage. If no changes occur, the carpet can be steam cleaned successfully.

  2. Clean the carpet

    Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove dust and other debris. After vacuuming, use a steam cleaner to deep clean the rug. Steam cleaners are typically available to rent through local shops. To avoid damaging carpet fibers, do not use oxygen bleach, detergents or excessive amounts of cleaner.

  3. Allow the carpet to dry

    Wool fibers absorb more water than synthetic carpets and may require additional drying time. Set the steam cleaner to the vacuum only setting, and go over the carpet after cleaning it to remove excess water. Area rugs can be placed outdoors to dry, or rolled up with clean, dry towels to promote faster drying times.