How Do You Clean Woodwork With Vinegar and Oil?


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To clean woodwork with vinegar and oil, make a mixture of olive oil and vinegar, pour the mixture into a spray bottle, spray the mixture onto a clean, dry cloth, then wipe the wood. Buff the woodwork with a clean cloth.

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  1. Make the cleaning mixture

    Mix together four parts olive oil and one part white vinegar. Whisk thoroughly to blend as much as possible, but the ingredients naturally separate after sitting for a short time.

  2. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle

    Find a clean, plastic spray bottle, and label it. Pour the oil and vinegar mixture into the bottle, then screw on the spray nozzle.

  3. Spray the mixture onto a cloth

    Shake the spray bottle to mix the ingredients if they have separated. Spray the oil and vinegar cleaning mixture onto a soft cloth. Avoid over-spraying so the mixture does not damage any of your other home furnishings.

  4. Wipe the wood with the cloth

    Wipe the wood with the cloth, going in the direction of the grain. Allow the wood to sit for a few minutes, especially if it is dry. Spray the cloth again, and wipe the wood a second time.

  5. Work the solution into the grooves of the wood

    With a soft brush, work the oil and vinegar mixture into any finely detailed carvings or grooves in the woodwork.

  6. Buff the woodwork

    With another clean, soft cloth, buff all the woodwork to remove any remaining oil. Keep refolding the cloth as needed to get a clean area to use for buffing.

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