How Do You Clean Wood?


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Clean wood by dusting it regularly, treating sticky spots with soapy water, applying a homemade solution and adding a protective layer of polish. This process takes less than one hour. You need a soft cloth, soapy water, furniture polish, denatured alcohol, olive oil, gum turpentine and lemon juice.

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  1. Dust the wood

    Dust the wood regularly with a feather duster or a slightly dampened soft cloth. Make sure that the cloth is nonabrasive.

  2. Treat sticky spots

    Mix together soap and water. Dip a soft cloth in the solution, and wring it out. Gently rub down any dirty or sticky spots. Dry the wet area immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using all-purpose cleaners or any solutions that contain linseed, white vinegar or turpentine, which can harm wood.

  3. Clean the wood

    Clean the wood using a homemade solution made of equal amounts of gum turpentine, lemon juice, olive oil and denatured alcohol. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and rub it over the wood to clean and revitalize the surface.

  4. Add a protective layer of polish

    Finish by adding a protective layer of wood polish or wax. Choose a polish that contains silicone oil, but that has a low overall oil content.

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