How Do You Clean Windows Without Leaving Streaks?


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To clean windows without leaving streaks, buff the windows after cleaning, avoid using paper towels and reduce suds while cleaning the windows, explains HowStuffWorks.com. Use a mixture of vinegar and distilled water to clean windows without leaving streaks.

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How Do You Clean Windows Without Leaving Streaks?
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Buffing the windows after cleaning them offers a solution for streaks. Buff the windows using a dry microfiber cloth, a chamois or a regular rag to make the streaks disappear, explains HowStuffWorks.com. Paper towels leave linty streaks on windows. To avoid this, never use paper towels; instead, use a squeegee, microfiber cloth or some newspaper.

Suds are well-known for leaving streaks on the windows, so use minimal soap solution during the cleaning process. You only need a small amount of soap to eliminate dirt on your windows. Vinegar is considered to be an excellent substitute for ordinary glass cleaner and a cost-effective solution as well. A 50-50 water/vinegar solution works well where you can spray it or wipe it on the glass, just like any other glass cleaner.

Use distilled water when you dilute your glass cleaner. This type of water is preferred because it does not have the minerals that are present in tap water that leave streaky deposits on windows.

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