How Do You Clean Wicker Furniture?


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To clean wicker furniture, first identify what kind of wood or paper is used in your furniture. Gently brush off as much dirt as possible. For some types of wood, wash with soapy water mixed with ammonia. For other, more delicate types of wicker, wipe with a damp cloth.

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  1. Identify the materials used in the wicker furniture

    Examine the furniture carefully to determine what material was used in its construction. It could be made from thin branches of bamboo, willow or birch. It could also be crafted with woven paper or rattan. If it is made of paper or rattan, it needs to be treated more carefully than wooden wicker furniture.

  2. Brush wooden wicker to remove surface dirt

    For wooden wicker, use a soft brush, and clean off as much dirt as possible. A vacuum brush is ideal for carefully removing the dirt. Be careful not to damage the delicate wood.

  3. Wash wooden wicker

    Using a soft brush, wash wooden wicker with soapy water mixed with 1 to 2 teaspoons of ammonia. Wash the furniture thoroughly, then allow it to completely dry.

  4. Wipe paper and grass wicker

    Brushing paper and grass wicker damages it. Instead, wipe the wicker very carefully with a soft cloth dampened in clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  5. Restore natural shine if desired

    Rub clean, dry wicker very carefully with linseed oil, then wipe off excess. Allow to dry completely before sitting on the furniture, since the oil can damage clothing.

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